Lo, there came... a pre-order!

Here's what screamed "hey, you, buy me!" in this month's Previews catalog and has been purchased by me through Discount Comic Book Service:

Contract #0 (A First Salvo) - The preview/premiere of a sci-fi cowboy/bounty hunter series. The preview pages I've seen look fun, the writer is a regular on the Comic Geek Speak forums and seems like a cool guy, and most importantly, the issue itself is 25 cents (13 cents with DCBS's discount). Hard to pass all that up.

Blue Beetle #28 (DC) - I'm sad that writer John Rogers is gone (allegedly temporarily), but I have confidence Will Pfeiffer will handle the book quite nicely in his absence.

Brave and the Bold #14 (DC) - Scott Kolins is an odd choice to follow Perez and Ordway, but I do enjoy his artwork, and he showed he can handle team-up books very well indeed over on the too-short-lived Marvel Team-Up book revival, so I'm sure he'll do fine here, too. Plus, this is consistently a solid, fun read if you know and love your DC history.

Superior Showcase #3 (AdHouse Books) - I'd buy this anyway, as the previous two issues included some very clever alternate takes on the usual superhero tropes, but the fact that it contains a new Street Angel story makes it a necessity.

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? (Marvel) - I'm skipping out on the rest of Secret Invasion (though I'm sure I'll read the collection down the line), but this has an Agents of Atlas story. I want more Agents of Atlas stories, so I figure it's in my best interests to buy the ones that do get offered up to me in order to assure that there actually will be more sometime.

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #297 (of 300) (Archaia Studios Press) - The first issue was everything I hoped it would be (and that is "fun, over-the-top space opera adventure," as opposed to serious, hard sci-fi, which I rarely seem to enjoy, Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey excepted), so I'm in for the duration.

What If... This Was the Fantastic Four? A Tribute to Mike Wieringo (The Hero Initiative) - 'Ringo's last work, finished by an all-star cast of creators, and the proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative? Sold three times over. Plus, it has the added benefit of being a tribute to Mike unmarred by Venom reprints, which is always nice.

New York Four (DC/Minx) - I like the Minx line, but this is the first book they've put out in a while that I've felt compelled to pick up. The preview pages on MySpace certainly helped sell me, but I also like that this appears to be a riff on Wood's Local, but with a significantly more likable lead.

Atomic Robo Vol. 1 TPB (Red 5 Comics) - From the solicitation copy: "Atomic Robo takes on Nazis, giant ants, clockwork mummies, walking pyramids, Mars, cyborgs, and his nemesis, Baron von Helsingard, in his first trade paperback collection!" Check and mate, I think. Plus, I can always use more action science in my diet.

Noticeably absent from my order - Herbie Archives Vol. 1. Sigh... I wanted to make it work, but even at 50% off from DCBS, it was still a budget killer, and there was too much stuff I wanted that I wasn't willing to cut. Plus, even though most everything else in Previews is scheduled for June, this isn't due until freakin' August. I really hate the way Dark Horse has been super-advance soliciting books lately. Just stick it in the June Previews with the rest of the August books, guys! Grrr... Anyway, for now, I must go without. But that's what they make gift-giving holidays for, I suppose, and once August has come and gone, I will have a wedding anniversary and Christmas headed my way, so I'll get my hands on this yet.

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