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I scream for free stuff (and possibly tummy aches).

Hoka hoka hey!

Pretty Sketchy / Pretty Scary

The next new tech thingee (for the moment)

Sidewalk Chalk Nerd Zen

A single Dig and some Juliana

Oh yeah, before I forget.

So yeah, that didn't happen.

Monday Morning YouTube Blogging - Pensive!

Well, crap.

Bloggy Postington

Maybe we can finally put "K9 and Company" behind us now.

Lo, there came... a pre-order!

He's Part Outlaw, Part Hero.

Brave and the Blue / An Unofficial 5 for Friday

Well, it's true.

The Dig List: 4/1/08

King of Fools

Believe nothing you read online today. Except maybe this, actually.