Pretty Sketchy: Iron Fist by Brent Schoonover

Ape Entertainment ran a promotion with DCBS several months back... if you pre-ordered the Horrorwood or SullenGrey trade paperbacks through DCBS, you'd get a sketch from the artist. And as both artists were regulars over on the Comic Geek Speak forums, it was pretty easy to request a specific character if you so chose (otherwise, you'd get a sketch of one of the characters from the book).

Anyway, long short - too late - I figured Brent Schoonover's animated art style would make for an awesome looking Iron Fist, and I'm quite pleased to say I was 100% correct. Fantastic work, and a hell of a nice guy to boot.

Incidentally, DCBS's sister site, InStock Trades, still has extra sketches available for people who order copies of either book. You don't get to pick your own character, but hey, free artwork, and 30% off retail for the book itself. You can't beat that with a stick.

Well, you could, I guess, but it wouldn't really prove anything, and you might break your stick.

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