GLX, SHPTZL, GLAH! (which means "I'm not giving up on this!" in babytalk)

So Kevin saw that DC plans on finally reprinting the complete Captain Marvel/Monster Society of Evil storyline sometime next year (scroll down past the bit about Camelot 3000 and suggestions for stuff he'd like to see collected instead of garbage like Time Masters). That's really great news, and one more thing off of my Long Overdue Collected (or Re-Collected) Editions Wishlist. But while that's a great move, DC, well, I'm still waiting...

You can even make it look better than this crappy mock-up of mine, if you like.

Given the success Dark Horse has had with Little Lulu, the excitement about their upcoming Herbie Popnecker collection(s), and the crossover appeal of cute kid-based comics like Yotsuba&!, I think that DC's insistence that there's no sort of market for this material today is a load of GFBLSTXK*.

* Which, of course, is babytalk for exactly what you think it is. Or possibly "shoehorn." Babytalk is very tricky like that.