Batman: Thrifty Department Store Shopper!

Perhaps the Waynes got rich because they appreciated a good sale?

Sometimes I kinda miss Zayre... the one in Bangor had the Popeye video game up by the registers for years. It used to be worth going just to pop a couple quarters into that.

Having been to a Zellers several years ago on a trip to Canada, I can't say I'm terribly surprised that the Dynamic Duo look sort of off-model in this ad.


  1. Holy crap. Zayre is quite the relic of the 1980s. A relic I miss a lot. While your Zayre had a Popeye video game, ours had a Spy Hunter (stand-up version). I remember their toy department being pretty cool.

    I don't know if yours turned into an Ames briefly before closing, but that seemed to be the norm here in Northern Virginia in the 90s.

  2. Yup... Zayre turned to Ames, which turned into a big, empty box a few years later when Ames went under.

    And yeah, at one time, Zayre's toy department was one of the best around, right up there with K-Mart and the non-catalog-showroom side of Service Merchandise.