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From my bookshelf to yours...

Pretty Sketchy - Jeffrey Brown by Jeffrey Brown

Legal Kryptonite?


Tim Robbins' (and George Clinton's) Finest Hour

Fame and fortune continue to elude me, but credit is always nice, I suppose.

My life would be so much cooler if it were narrated by Jackson Beck.

GLX, SHPTZL, GLAH! (which means "I'm not giving up on this!" in babytalk)

Alas, poor Order. I read it, Horatio.


Batman: Thrifty Department Store Shopper!

Sleepy Monday Link Blogging

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Pretty Sketchy: Iron Fist by Brent Schoonover

5 Up, 5 Down: Star Wars Episodes 1 - 3

So long, Dave.

Dogpile on the Herbie! Dogpile on the Herbie!

Dogpile on the Watchmen! Dogpile on the Watchmen!

The Dig List: 3/6/08

Bye, Gary.

The First One

It's Super Kind-Of-Important Tuesday!

Pretty Sketchy - Blue Beetle by Mike Norton