The tricky business of buying before you ever see the product.

I put in my order for the books that are (theoretically) coming out in April with DCBS this week, and I figured I'd type about it here, in case there's one person out there who gives an eighth of a damn about my opinions and can be swayed enough to buy (or not buy) something based on what I say.

Blue Beetle #26 - Still my favorite regular DC book, and still the best Spider-Man book published today. I'm psyched to see Traci 13 make a return appearance, and very glad to see Mike Norton on fill-in art duty, but it bugs me that the dialogue will all be in Spanish (the story takes place at Jaime's family reunion), with the English script as "bonus material." If they want to do a special Spanish language edition of the book, that's fine, but having to (I assume) to flip repeatedly from the front to the back just to figure out what the hell people are saying will annoy the hell out of me. Not a fan of this idea.

Brave and the Bold #12 - If not for Blue Beetle, this would be my favorite regular DC book. Seems like this is the end of the current storyarc, and based on the cover, it features everyone who has appeared in the last 6 issues, which'll mean a big, fun cosmic melee indeed.

Doctor Who #4 - Seeing as issue #1 has yet to ship, I'm still buying this on spec. Which makes me nervous. But I really enjoy the current Who TV series, so I'm hoping some of that love can crossover here.

Young X-Men #1 - This is one of those DCBS super mega discounted books (74 cents), so I figured I'd give it a shot. Mostly because I feel dumb for passing over Thor a few months back at a similar price. But hey, it might not suck. Maybe it'll have Armor in it. She's fun in Astonishing. She's young and still an X-Man, right?

Helen Killer #1 - Helen Keller, given her senses back with devices invented by Alexander Graham Bell, as a special agent for President McKinley. This will either be awesome, or very, very awesome.

Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #296 (of 300) - Another case of buying on spec in the absence of an unreleased first issue, but the whole concept sounds like just the sort of space adventure book I've been wanting for years now, so I'm willing to take the chance. Plus, I find the numbering gag kind of fun.

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 2 - Loved the first volume enough that I pretty much need the rest. Of course, this puts me over my usual budget for the month, but I told Erin she's buying it for me for my birthday, and she said okay. Surprises are fine and all, but when it comes to presents, a lot of times, we just want what we want and tell each other as much. It makes gift shopping infinitely easier.

Gnome One-Shot - Garden gnomes defending the world from evil? Sure. It helps that I liked David Dwonch's previous book, Special Education. Also, if you buy this through DCBS, you get a free gnome sketch from Dwonch. That's pretty cool.

Jeffrey Brown's Little Things: Memoir in Slices - I was late to the Jeffrey Brown party, but I'm catching up, and whenever there's a new batch of his diary comics on the horizon, I will definitely pick them up. For whatever reason, I find mundane autobiography to be pleasant.

Thoughts? Reactions? Anything I missed?


  1. Helen Killer?! Sold!

  2. I'm planning on picking up Miranda Mercury based purely on the strength of Brandon Thomas' comics at SilverBulletComicBooks and Newsarama. He's got a lot of good ideas and I want to support his comics and see what he comes up with.