There's money to be made from the toybox, and Hollywood wants a cut.

So with all the news about the G.I. Joe movie - casting info, plot details, all the hand-wringing over the fact that the logo differs ever-so-slightly from the one that adorned the action figure cards* - it occurs to me that after the success of Transformers, if this film does similarly well at the box office, we're going to start seeing movies based on every toyline imaginable in the years ahead, huh?

I can just hear the Don LaFontaine voiceover now...

"This Summer, it walks downstairs alone or in pairs!"

*And by the way, if this does actually bother you, please remove yourself from the gene pool post-haste. Seriously. It's a good bet that no one has ever loved you, anyway. Not even Mister Rogers, and man, he liked everyone. But not you.

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