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Happy Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine Day!

So what did you get your loved one to celebrate the occasion? I bet it wasn't Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine #3! (I am the first person ever on the internet to make that joke. I also invented LOLCATS and "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." I'm kind of an innovator like that.)

See? What was I just saying yesterday?

(Although, one of the commenters there is clearly wrong about the Clue movie from the 80s, which was about 12 distinctive kinds of awesome. Anyone who says differently is not to be trusted.)

Dave Sim talks Glamourpuss, Cerebus, and all manner of other things over at The Comic Forums today (Wednesday). It'll probably lack the excitement of his Comics Journal and Sequential Tart visits, but still might prove informative.

First the Defenders, now (potentially) Doctor Who. The Minimates people are apparently desperate for my business.

I think David Willis is too quick to judge... this might have made Superbook almost watchable.

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