It's finally over, seeing as no one ever watches the Pro Bowl.

I'm not even what you'd call a casual football fan, so missing most of the game yesterday due to work didn't really bother me, and though I think it's too bad the Pats managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory (but I was surprisingly happy to see the underdog Giants slay the, um... other giants, I guess?), I certainly didn't lose any sleep over it. If anything, I'm annoyed more by the fact that so few of the mighty, mighty advertisements seemed so boring (hey, sponsors... at about $3.459 billion dollars per picosecond or whatever the going rate is now, don't you think you should really bring your "A" game?). But I do have these two points to make:

1. In the closing minutes, I watched Manning the Younger shrug off 3 Patriots dudes like they were nothing and complete an effortless 30+ yard pass. If 3 of your bigger guys can't take down a skinny QB, your team deserves to lose. End of story.

2. What the hell kind of name is Plaxico, anyway? It doesn't inspire the sort of "are the parents illiterate, dumb, or just mean?" ire that, say, the name Anfernee does, but still, it sounds like a fictional South American country from a fifties Batman comic book ("The citizens of Plaxico say gracias to you, SeƱor Batman!") or a chemical/plastics conglomerate ("Plaxico - ruining the future today!") than a person.

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