Into the 'wood.

Having watched countless hours of The Real World, Road Rules, Dawson's Creek, The O.C., and such with Erin, I told her a few years back that she had to watch at least the first episode of the new Doctor Who with me. She agreed that she owed me that much, especially since I said that if she didn't like it, she'd never have to watch with me again. She liked it enough to come back for a second week, and then a third, and by the fourth week, she was the one suggesting we watch the newest episode. A happy geek was I.

Then Torchwood comes along, and seeing as she liked Who, she was as game to give it a shot as I was. We watched the first episode or two and enjoyed the show well enough, but there was a lot of other stuff vying for our attention, so we moved on to other things, but continued to DVR the rest of the series so we could catch up when life, work, and viewing schedules allowed.

Over Christmas, we finally got that chance. And while the show had a few silly moments in the earlier episodes, I enjoyed it's different take on the Who universe pretty well, and never really saw why fans online were so quick to rip it a new rectum (well, other than because they were fans online, anyway).

Erin, though? Erin was hooked. Obsessed, even, and by her own admission. Obsessed mostly with Gareth David Lloyd, the guy who plays Torchwood majordomo Ianto Jones (again by her own admission), but that spills over into the show itself. So now she scours YouTube for fun bits and upcoming clips, reads up on whatever info she can, and when the DVDs for Season One came out, we pretty much had to run out and get them. So now I know what it's been like to live with me all these years. It's been interesting.

No doubt about it... I created a monster. A cute, fangirly monster who keeps asking me to learn Welsh. It's a fun time. Especially when she finds stuff like this:


  1. I must say - you got it pretty right. I think that if anything, you DOWNPLAYED my obsession a bit.

  2. And yeah... I do like it when the boys go kissy-kissy. :)

  3. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Ah, yes, you know you've found a good mash-up with the Friends theme when they actually do something with the clappy part.

    Funny how the vid makes shooting Jack in the head look wacky.

    And I do love that Jack actually was named after Agatha Harkness.

  4. I wasn't too impressed with the first two episodes but was hooked by the third, "Ghost Machine". Holy crap, that's an awesome episode.

  5. As headshootings go, that one was about as wacky as they get.

  6. Anonymous5:02 PM

    That's hilarious, sir.