I had the chance to swing by the semi-regular Comics & Collectibles show in South Attleboro, MA, before work this morning. I didn't have a lot of time or cash to spend, but it was still worth going for a couple of reasons. First of all, people apparently responded to my last, desperate plea and actually bathed this time around, which was nice. A lot less of that ol' cheese & vomit smell this time. My olfactory sense thanks you profusely, geeks of Southern New England. Second, lots of good stuff to be found for dirt cheap. Someone actually had quarter boxes! And with stuff in them you'd actually want to buy, not just coverless Archies from 1986. Here's my extremely thrifty haul:

25 cent books:
Thriller #s 1 & 2
Legion of Substitute Heroes Special #1
Ms. Tree's Thrilling Detective Adventures #1
Atari Force #s 1-3, Special #1
Micronauts #s 43 & 45
Jack of Hearts #1
New Warriors (original series) #1

50 cent books:
The Order #s 4 & 5
Omega the Unknown (current) #1
Ms. Marvel (current) #9 (the first Wieringo issue)

Half-off cover price
Immortal Iron Fist #7 (since I hear it won't be in the next trade)

Other stuff:
I picked up a cool poster for a Jeffrey Brown/Paul Hornschemeier appearance at Quimby's in Chicago at some point in the past, signed and with a little self-portrait sketch by Jeffrey Brown on it, for only 4 clams, which was pretty rad.

Nothing like picking up a giant stack of comics and other goodies for a tenspot. It's like being 8 all over again, only without the constant fear of cooties (especially because, again, people apparently washed this time).

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