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You say good buy...

Capes and dinosaurs and McCarthyism, oh my!

I'm sure it's not much better in context.

Good thing I wasn't officially keeping track or anything.


I never let a lack of knowledge keep me from forming an opinion.

Six Awesome Things

Hey, look, stuff to buy!

Not so Freaky Links

There's money to be made from the toybox, and Hollywood wants a cut.

The Dig List: 2/17/08

I'm so sorry.

And still another 100 reasons I like comics.

Silly (but holiday appropriate) geek quiz.

Tinkering and one cool thing.

Well, crap.

Why it is often helpful to do research before you start typing.

Pretty Sketchy: The Unremarkable Tree Frog

The tricky business of buying before you ever see the product.

Actually, everyone from Liverpool inspires that sort of mass screaming. It's true.

Hey, look, SciFi is giving me a birthday present.

It's finally over, seeing as no one ever watches the Pro Bowl.

Into the 'wood.