Even for a guy who speaks mostly nonsense, I couldn't believe what I was saying.

So my boss likes the Fox News. Forgive her, she knows not what she does.

Anyway, she saw this article on their website this morning about the whole Spider-Man One More Day / Brand New Day thing, and knowing I'm a comic book fan, asked me what this was all about.

Now explaining comic storylines - even stripped to their bare bones - to non-comics readers is difficult on the best of days, but even by those standards, the words coming out of my mouth sounded patently ridiculous.

Her only reaction: "Seriously? The devil? Ooooo-kay." She was then confused about how this would affect the movies, and I had to explain about how the movies are their own separate thing, influenced by but not necessarily reflective of the books, and so on, and then I changed the topic to this girl I saw on The Price is Right this week who won both showcases, and I think we were both much happier as a result.

Who says this isn't the Marvel Age of confusing the holy hell out of the general public?


  1. In explaining this storyline's irrelevance to the movies, did you use the words "non-canonical" or "universe"?


    You'd almost have to, really, but it's still snortworthy.

  2. Thankfully, no. I think I just said "the movies are a whole separate deal," or something similarly simplified. My co-workers already know I'm a huge dork. I don't need to continually re-prove it to them.