The Dig List - 1/11/08

For those who came in late*, these are hopefully concise, possibly SPOILERY thoughts about things I've read and liked recently. Not so much reviews as reactions.

Annihilation Vol. 2 - Perhaps a little more uneven than the first volume - to be expected, since this consists of three different mini-series by three very different creative teams - but still a solid, exciting read from start to finish. The Silver Surfer segment was probably the most satisfying, but the Super Skrull and Ronan the Accuser portions of the program definitely had their moments (I actually cheered when my favorite character made it through the Super Skrull story alive). Looking forward to now reading volume 3, containing the Annihilation series proper.

Doctor Strange: The Oath - If I had read this in 2007, it would have been one of my 4 or 5 favorite reads of the entire year. Great story by Brian K. Vaughn that manages to do something with Doctor Strange that few writers have ever been able to pull off well - make him relatable. Sure, he's the Sorcerer Supreme, but his stories still need a recognizably human element to work properly. And the art by Marcos Martin... just amazing; regular folks and drooly Lovecraft beasties handled with equal mastery. I'd say that I'd love to see an ongoing Strange book with these two, but honestly, going the Hellboy route - just a series of minis that come out whenever there's actually a story worth telling - is probably best here. I'd definitely like to see these two return to the character soon, though.

Doctor Who Classics #1 - I was hesitant to re-buy a story I already own (I have the issues of Marvel Premiere that first reprinted this in the U.S.), but I was curious and the DCBS discount was sweet, so I caved. The story wasn't any better than I remembered, but the Dave Gibbons artwork does benefit from the modern recoloring, so it's got that going for it. Nothing I'd pick up on a regular basis - and certainly not for the price IDW wants to charge for it - but it does look good.

Brave and the Bold #9 - This continues to be exactly the book I want it to be, and the current theme of smaller stories framed within the Challengers of the Unknown/Book of Destiny plot just gives Waid and Perez even more toys to play with, so it's even that much better. Was this the first time Robby Reed ever teamed up with the Metal Men? Seems like such a natural pairing to me. And yeah, the Easter egg at the center of the Blackhawk/Boy Commandos story made me geek out a bit. Great stuff.

Legion of Super-Heroes #37 - Old writers returning to the books that made them famous usually doesn't work out very well. If the rest of his run is even half as good as his first issue, that won't be the case for Big Jim Shooter's return to the LSH. Say what you will about the man's managerial style, he can still write a sci-fi superhero yarn with the best of 'em. The dreary Bedard story actually drove me off of this book, but Shooter just might bring me back.

*The newspaper here doesn't carry The Phantom in the comics section. I really miss reading the snail-paced adventures of Mr. Walker**.
** For the Ghost Who Walks.

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