7 Awesome Things

I've been scanning reserve readings at work all week. All that time in front of a screen and fighting with the scanner document feeder has fried my brain too much for a real post, even if it did feature Joe Besser (Joe Besser Week will resume... it may end up being a week in the same way Dave's Long Box measures a week). So for now, here are pictures of 7 undeniably awesome things. Because 6 wouldn't be enough, and 8 would blow your minds to itty, bitty pieces.


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I like how Godzilla and Don Knotts are kind of doing the same things. Furley could totally take Godzilla. Actually I'm surprised he never got around to fighting Godzilla in one of those weird movies he made in the '60s. I think "Godzilla and Mr. Chicken" would have made some serious cash.

    It's nice to see some love for "Cash Cab" as well.

  2. While I enjoy Cash Cab, I'm not sure if I'd put it in the "Awesome" category. Ninja Warrior on the other hand... ;-)

  3. There is nothing better than pacman. It was the most awesome thing on your list.

  4. Anonymous8:28 PM

    It's impossible not to stop on Ninja Warrior while flipping through channels. I'm fairly certain I could watch it indefinitely, eschewing food, pooping, bathing, and loved ones.

    Jones Soda is also very good and fun. Have you had any of their gross holiday flavors? I've probably already asked you this but I don't listen to verbal responses.

  5. bh: We had one of the Jones holiday four packs a few years back, but I could never bring myself to dare to try them. My world is not ready for gravy flavored soda.

    de: Nope, Cash Cab is awesome flavored awesomeness. I've never seen more than a minute or so of Ninja Warrior, though, but I hear good things, so maybe it ranks up there, too.

    millie: It's pretty hard to top Pac-Man in the grand scheme of things, you're right.