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Inevitably, The Year's Best Comics

As sincere a holiday greeting as you'll ever get from me.

The Five Doctors, Twitter-style

Christmas is just 2 days away...

Your Bat-Thought for the day...

Splitting Sequential Hairs

Pretty Sketchy: Retro Space Girl

The Dig List: 12/16/08, A.K.A. The Lightning Round Edition

Your Bat-Thought for Today

Thoughts on "When I Grow Up: A Memoir"

After finally seeing The Dark Knight, I had but one thought:

In which I attempt to go all Project Rooftop on the subject of Phoenix.

Why my son is the most awesome person I've ever known.

Music! BAT-MUSIC!!!

Winter Blog-cation

The Dig List - 12/1/08

Stop me if you've heard this one before... so there's this planet Krypton, right?

Pretty Sketchy: Scuba Frog

Some things I'm thankful for.

Stuff and nonsense on the comics internet

Even Lazier Sunday YouTube Blogging: Prime Time TV, Sesame Street style

Lazy Sunday YouTube Blogging: Docteur Qui

The Dig List - The Quarter Box Edition

Alas, poor Jaime.

Finally, something about pirates that's actually kinda cool.

Sadly, the single greatest free-form Lego creation I have made in over 32 years of life.

Happy Veterans Day

Pretty Sketchy - Supergirl by Alex Robinson

The Dig List - 11/9/08

Sunday Morning YouTubing - Catchy Songs My Son is Obsessed With

It's... wait, let me check... late afternoon in America.

Follow the election live-ish


How about one where Doc Savage meets Tarzan, and they *both* look like Ron Ely?

A little hucksterism...

That's really super, Supergirl. For a change.

An empty Pod is a sad Pod.

The Final Awesome Frontier

The Dig List (10/14/08) will kill you with bullets!

By luring that creature to its death, he's sealed his own doom!

A holiday greeting, in which a dumb joke goes on for entirely too long, starring Admiral Ackbar.

Jim Purdue wouldn't accept this poor performance from any of his poultry.

The (Shorter) Dig List: 10/7/08