Snow: not a fan.

It's snowing... the second significant snowfall in three days, as a matter of fact. Bleh. At least today isn't as bad as Thursday's storm was. And the state seems to be handling this one a little better. I don't know if the news made it outside of Rhode Island or not, but the performance of the RI DOT (and just about every other state agency involved with roads and moving people along you could name) was a textbook example of how to make a minor emergency situation into a major one. The snow that day came earlier and a bit heavier than expected, and no one had any intention of touching the roads until they absolutely had to, so of course just about everyone in the state was let out of work/school/whatever early, at more or less the exact same time. What resulted was pretty much your classic clusterf--- situation. Cars couldn't move, plows couldn't get through, few emergency measures were enacted, etc. Commutes of minutes stretched into hours, you had kids stuck on schoolbuses until at least 8 p.m. in some cases... yeah, it was a nightmare. And of course, in the days since, every level of state and local government has been blaming every other level in the hopes that none of them get stuck being the sacrificial lamb in this case. Thankfully my work got canceled for the evening, and Erin works fairly close to our house, so we weren't affected that badly.

I did have to go to work today, though. This storm hasn't been as bad (today ended up being the patented Rhode Island rain/snow mix), there was less traffic because it was a Sunday morning, and I passed an army of plow and salt/sand trucks because no one wants to screw up that badly twice in the same week, so it wasn't quite the nightmare getting here today that it could have been, so at least that was nice. However, I would like to point out that I've been here for just about 3 hours, and so far I'm still the only library employee - staff or student - to have actually showed up.

So I'm pretty much more awesome than everyone. That's what I keep telling myself to keep from getting mad at the situation anyway.