A smattering of Previews goodness

Better hope you're getting lots of cash and/or comic shop gift certificates for Christmas or Hanukkah, kiddos, because there are a lot of good comics-related trade paperbacks and hardcovers in the December Previews catalog. The jerks. Just when I'm trying to cut back, too. Here are a few nuggets of The Good that caught my eye:

Well, DC has that Shazam: The Greatest Stories Ever Told book I mentioned a few months back, and I want want want that a lot, even if the Alex Ross cover is a little on the boring side.

Image has three books - two of incredible hugeness - that can't help me anything but awesome. The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus, which offers about a billion pages (okay, only 900+, but still) for $24.99 (and DCBS is offering it half off... woot!). And they're also releasing the True Story Swear to God Archives Vol. 1, which reprints all 17 issues of the original series for $19.99. There's a little more info about that over on Tom Beland's page, I think. And then there's Mixtape, the Jim Mahfood hardcover art book, which I'm willing to bet will be a thing of greatness to behold. I think that's a $24.99 dealie, too.

And Fantagraphics has what I think is the first of the new format Love & Rockets original hardcover graphic novels, The Education of Hopey Glass. It's a bunch of Locas pages from Jaime Hernandez, so I imagine it'll be pretty awesome. I'm maybe a third of the way through the giant Locas tome, so it'll be a while before I get to this if I keep planning to read the stories in order, but still, this is on my radar.

So. Comics. That I doubt I'll be able to afford or acquire anytime soon. But if you have the means, you should. And maybe buy some for me, too. I'm a good person, mostly. You should reward that.

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