Other stuff in Previews that caught my eye...

Oh, this month's Previews is just jam-packed with good comics stuff for February, huh? Not that I can afford or plan on buying all this stuff, but here are a few more things that caught my eye:

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure - After promising this all freakin' year, the "missing" Lee/Kirby FF issue is finally going to see the light of day. Better late than never, I guess. It'll be cool to see this - more Kirby FF is always a good thing - as we not only get the completed issue, but also the story from FF#108 that made use of the existing artwork as a flashback, sort of the way Star Trek used footage from "The Cage" in "The Menagerie." It'll be fun to compare and contrast.

Sky Ape: King of Girls- I've never read any of the other books from this series before, but it's a gorilla in a jetpack. I mean, that must be awesome, right? Anyone wanna give me some skinny on this? (Paging Larry Young...)

RASL #1 - The new book from Jeff Smith, about an art thief. Who thieves art, I suppose. After all those years of Bone and being admittedly disappointed with the end results of Shazam: Monster Society of Evil, I'm probably going to pass on this for now, but I'm sure I'll check out the trade(s) eventually.

Tiny Titans #1 - Art Baltazar's Patrick the Wolf Boy may very well be pure joy in printed form, so I'm looking forward to his take on what the DC Universe's own Teen Titans cartoon would be like. Plus, DCBS has the first issue on sale for the ridiculous price of 56 cents. At that price, I'll probably pick up a second copy to give to the kiddo.

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #295 - This book from Archaia Studios Press sounds crazy-go-nuts-fun. The greatest space adventuress in this or any other galaxy has a year to live and searches for the cure to what's killing her, having all manner of fun adventures along the way. Interrelated, but mostly done-in-one stories. And lots of space stuff. I was sold on the solicitation alone. This article from the book's writer (including part of the pitch) and this Newsarama preview sealed the deal.

Spider-Man Family #7 - The Mike Wieringo tribute issue, written by Todd Dezago and Mark Waid, and drawn (in apparently quite 'Ringo-esque fashion, if the cover's any indication) by Karl Kesel. I'm looking forward to reading this, but it still saddens me that that I have to.

Renaissance Press is re-offering all of the existing Amelia Rules books, which I will get around to getting at some point, because their awesomeness knows no bounds.

Top Shelf is also in the re-offering cool things business this month, serving up additional helpings of pretty much the entire Jeffrey Brown library. Again, I plan on catching up, but it isn't very likely to be this month.

And there's lots more, I'm sure, but honestly, looking at all the awesome stuff I can't afford to buy is cool for awhile, but it eventually turns depressing. It was true of the Sears Wish Book back in the day, and it's just as true now.


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Here's the first nine pages on IGN, Bill:


    ...and Dave Campbell's review:


    SKY APE is good for what ails ya.

  2. Awesome. Thanks, anonymous benefactor!