The Dig List: 12/16/07

Haven't done one of these in awhile, so in case you need a refresher, these are just (hopefully) short reactions to stuff I've read and/or watched recently.

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together - Honestly? For my comic book dollar, this was damn near perfect, and probably my favorite book of the series thus far, seeing as we get the answers to a few questions, a few more questions raised, and some actual character development among the main cast. Fun Comics of the highest degree - maybe the only thing that's come close to challenging The Professor's Daughter as the year's best book for me. And now I really want to go back to Toronto for a visit.

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye and A Dame to Kill For - Generally not a big Frank Miller fan, but I actually kinda liked the both of these (the former more than the latter, but still). It's clear the man has a passion - and, I'll begrudgingly admit - a talent for ultraviolent, oversexed pulp material, but it works a lot better for me on its own rather than when its shoehorned into a Batman story or something. Quick question, though: are there any women in Basin City who aren't prostitutes, strippers, or gold-digging femme fatale types?

Planet Hulk - I think a lot of the praise that was heaped upon this story was mostly due to the fact that it was probably the first good Hulk story since Peter David's first run, but if it wasn't quite as excellent as advertised, it was still quite good. The basic concept of "Gladiator Hulk... IN OUTER SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!" didn't set my world on fire (bad choice of words, considering the climax?), but Greg Pak certainly took it to some places I wasn't expecting, so I definitely appreciated that. Plus, I really dug that for once, the angrier Hulk got, the smarter he got. Hulk smash is one thing... but Hulk strategize? That's kinda scary. archives - I've been going through James Kochalka's daily diary strips from their very beginning ever since the site went free the other week, and let me tell you, that's a lot of life to absorb in a very short time. But it's a very satisfying, relaxing experience, too. I'm not a rock star indie cartoonist, but I can relate to many of the little zen-like moments Kochalka records, good or bad. But I'm a sucker for a good diary comic strip - hence why I enjoy the works of Jeffrey Brown, Liz Prince, and Ben Snakepit, too - if only because it proves that every life, however mundane, has its moments that deserve to be captured for posterity.


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    American Elf is free now??? Hello, completed wasted afternoon!

  2. Yeah, I figured you'd enjoy that news.

    And be prepared to say hello to several wasted afternoons... I've been crawling through as time allows for a week now, and I'm still only in 2005.

  3. Planet Hulk was the storyline that got me reading Marvel books again. Unfortunately, I made the jump from Planet Hulk to Civil War and had to take a shower for about a week. I'm hoping to take a look at Heroes for Hire and Iron Fist before too long.

  4. De, run - don't walk - directly for Iron Fist. Fantastic book, that one. One of the few that I think actually deserves Marvel's mostly-BS "premiere hardcover" treatment.