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Hey, the "movie without a name so everyone just called it Cloverfield for some reason" appears to actually have a name now. And it's Cloverfield. Huh. Given the secretive nature of the ad campaign, I have to wonder if that's even the final title. Anyway, there's a new trailer up, and it looks pretty cool. You even get a brief glimpse of the monster. Or at least its... what is that, a thigh? Something.

In any event, it's nice to see they've switched from viral marketing to actual marketing. Because, sometimes, I kind of like knowing the product or service I'm being asked to pay for.

DC's February solicitations are out, and while most of 'em are pretty much more of the same, I am so their bitch on this one:

Written by Bill Parker, Dennis O’Neil, Elliot S! Maggin and others
Art by C.C. Beck, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Barry Kitson and others
Cover by Alex Ross
An earth-shattering volume collecting stories from Whiz Comics #2,Captain Marvel Adventures #1,137,148, Marvel Family #21, 85, Shazam! #1, 14, DC Comics Presents Annual #3, Superman #276, L.E.G.I.O.N. '91 #31, Power of SHAZAM! #33 and Adventures in the DC Universe #5.
Advance-solicited; on sale March 26 • 224 pg, FC, $24.99 US
Thank you, DC, may I have another? Anyway, I have a few of the stories in other books and/or single issues, but anything that gets DC to reprint some of the old Fawcett material is worth supporting. Plus, that DC Comics Presents story is a blast, and I've always wanted to read that Superman vs. "Captain Thunder" story, so I'm psyched for this.

Funny that Otto Binder doesn't get any credit in the "written by" credit, though. I'd hate to think he got shuffled into the "and others" column, or worse yet, that he was left out completely.

Episode 327 of the Comic Geek Speak podcast features an interview with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance talking about his new comic with Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy. Not only notable because he's kind of a big name guest for a podcast, but because he comes off as a thoughtful, intelligent, down-to-earth guy who sounds like he's in this book for the long haul. Which would be refreshing to hear from either a rock star or a celebrity comic book writer, so to to hear it from a dude who's both is pretty cool. Also, the man knows his comics, and has some particularly fun stuff to say about Silver Age Marvel. A fun listen.

Why I don't pay attention to online rumors: baseball edition.

So one of my invisible MySpace friends is this dude who reports on all manner of Red Sox news, and he posted several bulletins today about Boston's attempts to re-sign free agent 3rd baseman Mike Lowell. The first is a link to a story about how talks between both sides were "going nowhere." A few hours later, there's another link to a story about how things were actually looking up. A few hours later still, there's news that they reached an agreement, and Lowell will return. This looks to actually be the case, thankfully, but still, that's a pretty short time for a complete 180, don't you think?

Take very little that you read on the internet seriously, folks. Hell, I don't even trust most of the stuff I type myself.

Come on... you know you want an early glimpse at this year's Black Friday ads.

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