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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (unless you lived outside of the U.S., in which case, I hope last Thursday was decent for you), and that you enjoyed the temporary TPS title banner celebrating my favorite Turkey Day side dish, Green Bean Casserole (mine was particularly well-made this year, if I do say so myself). The current banner, of course, celebrates the best gag from the only funny two-and-a-half minutes of the episode of The Simpsons a couple of weeks back, and at the top it will stay until I get bored or Fox threatens to sue.

Hey, speaking of Turkey Day, Deep Ape, the Mystery Science Theater 3000-themed blog, says that MST3k.com has a bunch of bumpers from the old MST3K Turkey Day marathons posted in its video section. I know most people don't think you can really call it Thanksgiving without a Macy's parade and a Detroit Lions loss televised for all the world to see, but the Turkey Day marathon (30 straight hours of MST!) was always my favorite bit of Thanksgiving TV, and I miss it a lot.

And I'm not alone... Bully missed it so much that he staged his own!

If you're the sort of person who likes to keep track of such things, Newsarama has a list of all the currently known Earths out of the 52 that make up DC's current multiverse (and because it's Newsarama, the comments are full of corrections and general asshattery). And if you want still more parallel Earth goodness, here's a Wikipedia article listing pretty much every alternate Earth ever even hinted at in DC's history.

One of Us: Cute Scottish Folk Rocker Edition

On the Today show this morning, cute Scottish folk rocker K.T. Tunstall told Al Roker that she named her new album "Drastic Fantastic" because she really likes comic books, and that the title sounded appropriately comic booky. Al Roker got all excited about this, but Tunstall was quick to point out (cutely, and Scottishly) that she's not so much into superheroes, but stuff along the lines of Sin City.

Roker, who obviously paid no attention, then proceeded to ask her what superpower she'd like to have. Tunstall played along, though - passing on her God-given right as a Scotswoman to utterly destroy Roker with a devastating headbutt, which showed remarkable restraint, I thought - and gave a rather endearing answer about wanting to have good luck powers, so that people in her vicinity would magically have the proper bus fare and stuff. She then played some song that I paid no attention to, because her singing voice isn't as accented as her speaking voice, and I'm a sucker for a good accent. Liam seemed to dig the song alright, though. The boy does love himself some music.

If you're at all a fan of both old and new Doctor Who, you should really be reading "The Ten Doctors" over at Rich's ComixBlog, now at 67 pages and counting. Fanfiction to be sure, but well-constructed fanfic that shows a real appreciation and depth of knowledge of the subject matter, and a fun, zippy art style to boot.

Lastly, Dafna over at The Bispectacult defines joy, and I'm hard-pressed to disagree. (Also, a new episode of the Bispectacult podcast at last!)

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