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From my shelf to yours (hopefully) - more eBay goodness.

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A bit of everything to help get the content train back on track.

As God is my witness...

Shrinky Links

Quick show of hands...

In case you missed it...

Lazy YouTube Bloggin'

Pretty Sketchy - Hardware by Denys Cowan

5 up, 5 down: Animated Charlie Brown

And now the next items up for bid...

2600 Redux

A proud day for our great nation.

Remember, remember the 9th of November...

Ahem. Woohoo.

The Dig List: 11/6/07 - Mostly older stuff.

To the striking WGA members...

Video to Go!

Thoughts on Spider-Man 3 - Disjointed and Bullet Pointed (Also? Pretty Spoilery.)

Bizy Backson (sorta)