We have no alternative!

I remember when I saw that on TV for the first time... my jaw dropped, and for two crucial reasons: 1.) it was a TV ad for a comic book, which was a pretty mind-blowing concept; and 2.) it was an ad for a really cool looking comic book.

It was also a source of great frustration for me... since that first issue was $1.50, my parents wouldn't buy it for me. Baxter paper or no, $1.50 was super-expensive for a comic book in 1982. I later got the oversized Marvel Treasury Edition reprint in my Christmas stocking (which also cost $1.50, IIRC, but was much larger, therefore more worthy of the spendage, I guess they thought), but it wasn't quite the same (though seeing the art all biggy-sized was something I did appreciate). I finally got around to getting a copy of the real deal a few years back... not that I was a big Joe collector anymore, but just to finally have it on principle. I was not disappointed. Sometimes, having a thing really is as pleasing as wanting it. Suck on that, Spock!

I know there's no real way of gauging it, but I would love to know just how many kids got started reading comics because of that one commercial (or any of the ones that followed... they made sporadic ads for issues at least as late as the introduction of Serpentor in #49). What a gateway drug that book was!