Pretty Sketchy - Snorkling with Tom and Lily

Colored pencil sketch full-blown work of art by Tom Beland on the title page of the first True Story Swear To God collection, "Chances Are." See, when Erin and I got married, I wanted to give copies of this book as gifts to our wedding party, and I thought it'd be cool to see if I could get 'em signed. I contacted Beland directly, he agreed and also offered to draw a little sketch in 'em, too.

I get an email a few days later saying "I kicked things up a notch. Hope you like the results." Well, first of all, I think this counts as several notches, and second, damn, who wouldn't like results like this? This is the copy of the book he threw in as a gift to us; I don't have scans of the drawings from the other books, but trust me, they're equally amazing.

That Beland fella? Class act.

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