I think I preferred it when they lied.

So this morning during the Today show, I saw an ad for some new nasal allergy spray called Veramyst. The usual warnings ran in the small print across the bottom of the screen - use as directed, consult your doctor, discontinue if blah blah blah. However, there was one that stood out:

"We are not exactly certain how Veramyst works."

Now this is either the greatest drug commercial on-screen warning ever or the scariest. I haven't decided yet. I guess I should appreciate the honesty behind the statement, and the laws that required it, but it's far more unsettling than reassuring. It sounds more like the starting point for an SNL commercial parody than a real ad... didn't "Happy Fun Ball" start more or less the same way?

In the end, I know that this sort of approach in advertising is trying to protect me, but honestly, I'd rather they just made shit up, even if it was something completely outlandish. If they can ask me to believe elves make cookies in trees, then maybe they can also tell me that gnomes make nasal spray in a sylvan glen.

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  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

    I noticed that commercial too... scary.