The Dig List: 10/21/07 - The Older Stuff

As I said in the last Dig List, I've picked up a bunch of back issues on the cheap lately, so here are some quick thoughts about those.

Remember, folks - Trusty Plinko Stick is the blog that has never heard of timeliness.

Super-Villain Classics - Galactus: the Origin #1 - It's hard to beat a good, old-fashioned Marvel origin yarn from the likes of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, even if it's kinda dumb. And this is, but it's a fun dumb. Kirbytech and, yes, Krackle out the wazoo make everything better, though.

Master of Kung-Fu #75 - I may have mentioned this here before, but whenever I find a run of MoKF issues in a cheap bin, I always have to buy at least one, usually based on whichever cover is the most fun (since, and let's be honest here, just about every issue of MoKF is just about the same). This had Shang-Chi fighting a robot sea monster, to which I can only say: "Here, Mr. Comic Merchant, sir. Take my 50 cents." Mike Zeck artwork on the inside... always nice, even if his style was still just coming together at that point.

Ms. Marvel (current series) #10 - Second part of a two-parter in which Ms. M fights an alternate universe counterpart, and Rogue and Beast appear. Story is meh, but the real attraction here was the Mike Wieringo art, which was really excellent, and elevated the whole affair up a few notches. It still just kills me that we'll never see anything new from the man.

Marvel Premiere #31 - Woodgod! The cover blurb calls Woodgod "the most bizarre super-hero of all," and for once, that's not just the standard Marvel hype. Unless you think that there's a more outre character concept out there than "genetically engineered satyr created by two nerve gas-creating scientists to fill the childless void in their life;" if so, your mileage may vary.

You know, there's enough madness here for an entire post all its own, so I'll save that for some other day, and just say for now that while it might not have been good in the classic sense of the word, it was compelling and sort of fun all the same.

Robin #159 - Tim and the latest love interest (um, before Wonder Girl, I guess?) go on their first date. Typical Gotham shenanigans threaten to derail it, but don't, and our boy gets an all-too-rare-for-him-these-days happy ending (no, not that kind, pervy). I've enjoyed all of the Robin issues I've read from Adam Beechen and Freddie Williams II (yes, even "Batgirl gone bad," since I always hated the gimp-masked Batgirl, anyway), so I'm left wondering why I haven't been reading all along. I'll have to catch up sometime.

Marvel Two-in-One #21 - The Thing meets Doc Savage back when Marvel still had the rights to Doc. And IIRC, this is the one time he ever crossed over with the Marvel Universe proper (his Giant Size Spider-Man appearance doesn't count, since it just reprinted an existing story that the Spider-Man story in that issue built off of). It's not great, but dopey fun in that typical MTiO way, though it's weird that Bashful Benjy didn't recognize Doc immediately, since the man looks so distinctive and Ben claims to be his biggest fan!

Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #135 - Spider-Man meets Kitty Pryde, and helps her rescue two bratty kids she's babysitting from some non-mutant Morlocks. Better than it sounds. Slightly. But Spidey and Kitty do their own Fastball Special, which is worth seeing once in your life, if you're the sort who would like such a thing.

And there's other stuff, but that's enough wordliness for now. It's not like I'm trying to kill you all with small white text. Not that you'll ever prove, anyway.

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  1. That reminds me, I need to find a copy of MTIO #21 since that issue was conveniently left out of the Essential trade. Thanks a lot copyright laws!