Knowing too much about the behind-the-scenes of comics is like knowing too much backstage info about wrestling... most days, the real life knowledge taints a lot of what you see, but there are those other times when it all just leaves you feeling very, very uncomfortable.

This was today's For Better of For Worse strip:

Okay, so it's always been accepted that Lynn Johnston based Elly and John Patterson on herself and her husband (who was even a dentist, just like John). And I remember reading recently that Johnston changed her initial retirement plans - she was going to be re-running old strips with occasional new framing sequences; however, it has ended up more like new strips with occasional flashbacks - after her real-life husband recently left her for another woman.

So I put the question about this strip to you: poor timing, or parting shot?

Either way, sometimes you really are better off paying no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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