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And now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!

Well played, Death Note. Well played.

The sort of thing you talk about in the dugout when your team is up by ten runs or more.

Plinko, salutation, and some good songs.

We have no alternative!

The Five and Ten (Doctors)

The Dig List: 10/21/07 - The Older Stuff


Maybe I really have been living in a cave?

Pretty Sketchy - Fred Hembeck and the power of Shazam!

The Dig List - 10/14/07

It just seems inevitable.

I think I preferred it when they lied.

Freebies and the Beans! And Fashion, I guess?

Pretty Sketchy - Snorkling with Tom and Lily

My Essential Juliana Hatfield Discography


Tell me something I really wanna know. Take me somewhere I really wanna go.

Free Rom! Again!

The Magic Box started serving up new brain junk food. Yay!

Finally, a cause I can support wholeheartedly.