Two bits of online comicky goodness you really oughtta see, sez I.

From the makers of Batgirl Meme Versions One and Two (or one of 'em, anyway - Dean Trippe) comes the Draw Stephanie Brown Meme! Lots of great Steph drawings so far, depicting her in her original identity of the Spoiler, in her all-too-brief time as Robin, and a few (including the one by Trippe himself) kind of combining the two. Trippe's is my favorite, but there's some really outstanding stuff being posted, so check 'em all out and appreciate a character killed entirely too soon (and pointlessly) by the usual editorial edict to pop sales via literal character assassination (as well as an attempt to put Black Mask over as a major villain, which, honestly? Will. Never. Work. Black Mask is, as they say on the information superhighway, teh suck.)

Marriage proposal comic. I always think it's cool when people do stuff like this, and I really wish I had the talent to have done something like this myself. I mean, don't get me wrong, my approach - just, you know, asking - worked pretty damn well, but still, this sort of thing is just damn cool.

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