Bop-ba, this is the sound of rambling. Bop-ba, bop-ba.

Hey there, internet, now you have the opportunity to listen to me ramble on incoherently, instead of just reading me do so! I'm the "Call Me" guest on Episode 290 of the Comic Geek Speak podcast (which you can download here or via iTunes), and they let me (badly) expound upon my hatred of Identity Crisis and my theory of the sort of substances that helped Fletcher Hanks create his Stardust comics, among other topics. I'm on after the guy from Library Binding Company in Waco, Texas, who has created a nice little sideline for himself binding comic books for fans who want to make DIY collections. It's sort of fitting, really... he binds periodicals for libraries (and now comic fans), and I'm a library guy, so, you know, cool. You'll have no problem telling us apart. He sounds like the most literate cowboy ever, and I sound like a Muppet.

I did manage to plug this blog a couple of times, though, so if you've come over because of that, welcome! Have a look around, and enjoy the Joe Besser picture I posted yesterday.

In other news, look up top! Ooh, a new banner. It's all new. And bannery.

Okay, it's not the best ever, but I got tired of the old one. Plus, Batroc the Leaper (or, if you prefer, Batroc ze Lepair!) rules. There aren't nearly enough super-villains written with sub-Maurice Chevalier Franglais dialogue these days. Anyway, suggestions for improvement are always welcome, but I enjoy the general idea of it, and I'm sure it'll stick around until I either get tired of this one, too, or I get the inevitable cease-and-desist order.


  1. I thought you handled yourself nicely, Bill.

  2. I'm listening to your comments about Identity Crisis now and agree wholeheartedly about it being an awful mystery story (among your other points that I also agree with). The climax was based on a 20-year old piece of trivia that was seemingly dealt with (i.e., Jean Loring's insanity story in JLA).

    Good appearance overall.