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TPS is the Big Oh-Three!


DIY Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told

He crimefighting covers up a basic insecurity.

Missing some Essential bits?

Pretty Sketchy Twofer - Golden Age Green Lantern & Static

Still with the Batman over here.

It needs to be said: baseball edition.


Lazy Sunday linkblogging and commenting go!

"Adorable" and "Nerdy" are not mutually exclusive.

Oh man, I'd love to have these for real.

Pretty Sketchy - Jade by Jamal Igle

The Dig List: 9/12/07

I'm glad I remember, but I'll always wish I could forget.

Two bits of online comicky goodness you really oughtta see, sez I.

I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon.

Bop-ba, this is the sound of rambling. Bop-ba, bop-ba.

I do get a bit verbose, don't I?

The Dig List: 9/2/07 (The "Kids Are Back For a New Semester so I Had to Park in Guam" Edition!)