The Pop Cultural Lexicon of a Two-Year-Old

My two-year-old, to be exact.

Ehmo - This, obviously, is Elmo, the little monster who rules Sesame Street with an iron (but also red and furry) fist. There's this one episode where he's all excited about the letter J, and he goes around literally forcing everyone to stop whatever they're doing, making them do activities starting with J instead. It was unnervingly like that episode of The Twilight Zone where Billy Mumy keeps sending everyone to the cornfield when they've been bad. But, the boy loves that little red Svengali, so we endure. At least it's not Barney.

Gwofer - Grover, who is a Muppet I'm much more inclined to support, especially if it means I get to read The Monster at the End of This Book to him again, which is easily the best book that the Little Golden Books people ever published.

Beeg Biwrd
- Yup, it's Big Bird. The funny thing, though, is that Liam will occasionally confuse Big Bird with Bert, since they're both yellow.

- Cookie Monster. Sometimes followed by Liam's approximation of the "Um-um-um-um-um" sound Cookie makes when he goes on a binge. It's pretty cute.

- Children's musician Laurie Berkner. Liam loves him some Laurie, and as I may have mentioned here before, so do Erin and I. Her music is really fun, and I have to say, she's quite the cutie. Admittedly, that's a bigger draw for me than Erin, but whatever.

Show - As in Jack's Big Music Show, a really fun show about music (duh) airing on Noggin. Probably something I'd be watching even if I didn't have kids, so when he asks for this, it's hard to say no.

Danzanes - Children's musician (and former Del Fuego) Dan Zanes. Another performer whose songs and videos are - ver, very thankfully - fun for kids and adults alike. In Liamese, though, the good Mr. Zanes gets the Charlie Brown treatment... he is never called only by his first name. And more often than not, as you can probably guess from my spelling, it's pronounced as a single word.

Doggy - Actually, Doggy can be two things. In certain situations, it refers to the stuffed black lab toy he sleeps with at night, but in terms of entertainment, Doggy is Snoopy, meaning that Liam wants to watch a Charlie Brown DVD. Preferably Great Pumpkin, but Easter Beagle will often suffice, too. He hasn't warmed up to A Charlie Brown Christmas much yet, though; I think it's a little too slow for him at this point.

Soupman - I popped in a Superman cartoon DVD one day just to give myself a break from all the damn Elmo, and something about it clicked with the boy, and now he asks for the Man of Steel by name. Well, a similar name, at least. It makes the nerd in me proud. He digs the Fleischer cartoons, but I got the first disc of the Filmation cartoons from Netflix the other day, and he seems to like those alright, too, enough that I want to pick it up eventually. The 8 minute run times of all those episodes are just the right length for him, and I appreciate that they're less violent than the Fleischer shorts.

Monkey - Curious George. More specifically, the movie version of Curious George. Even more specifically, the Jack Johnson song "Upside Down" from the movie version of Curious George. If we're going anywhere in the car - whether it's just down the street to the mall or all the way to Maine - he generally requests this the second we strap him into the car seat. It's such a bouncy, upbeat tune, it's hard not to oblige, so the iPod is quickly fired up and away we go. It gets a little grating after about the fifth time through, but that hopeful little "Ogain?" from the back seat can melt even the coldest of hearts, and it's inevitably back to the beginning once more.


  1. It's funny what the small ones love. We are also Laurie Birkner fans, and Sam (my 18 months old) is heavily into Jack Johnson. His favorite song, though, is Banana Pancakes.

  2. Anonymous12:04 AM

    My two-year old loves the recent Warner Brothers Superman -- the Fleischer's not so much (they show up on a public access channel); I think he likes a more rounded Clark Kent.

    Curious George is one of his favorites, too, wish they'd left out Jack Johnson.

    Whatever you do, don't introduce him to Wonderpets.