Fear and Loathing on Saturday Morning

Thanks to Netflix, I had the chance to see the first disc of The New Adventures of Batman the other day. It wasn't especially great - not that I was expecting much out of a cartoon that I enjoyed when I was 3 back when it aired with Tarzan and the Super 7 - but it was fun in the cheesy 70s Filmation sort of way, what with the lesson at the end and producer Lou Scheimer doing every other voice to cut costs. And it was fun to hear Adam West and Burt Ward both back in the roles (I'm shocked Lou actually shelled out for them, in fact).

But... Bat-Mite. Friggin' Bat-Mite.

Now, I love me some comic book Bat-Mite. That little guy rules.

He should be in comics more often. I'd gladly give Grant Morrison five whole dollars if he could slip Bat-Mite into a significant role in his Batman run somewhere.

I mean this guy:

Take a look. Take a good, long look. I'm sure they meant well, thinking they'd bring back a well-loved Silver Age concept to make the kiddies smile, tone down the potential violence to keep parents happy, and have someone that needed to learn a lesson every episode in the true Filmation manner. But, honestly, the little yutz is just annoying as all hell. And, regrettably, I can't help but think he was the prototype for all of Filmation's irritating mystical sidekicks to come. Little BM (appropriate initials) here was, for all intents and purposes, the original Orko (though you could probably make a good argument for Aquaman's walrus or that blue kid who took over for Pieface in the Green Lantern cartoons).


  1. Bill, you're smart whereas I'm an idiot. I actually bought the set banking on my childhood happiness to follow through to the present. There is one silver lining to this tale of woe, my daughter (she's 8) likes the show and asks to watch it every once in a while.

  2. oh


    I had completely forgotten about this version of the Mite, and I now remember looking at his entry in Who's Who and going "hmm, looks different than I remember". You have openeda giant sucking hole into my very SOUL!!!