The Dig List: The Short, Short Version for 8/7/07 (some spoilers)

All Star Superman #8 - Like the fist part of the Bizarro/Zibarro story, it lacked that certain oomph that the rest of the series has had, but still an enjoyable read.

All New Atom #13 - Okay, like revisiting the whole "Sword of the Atom" era of Ray Palmer's career wasn't inherently funny enough, the whole fake Ray thing made me laugh out loud. "Justice Leak!"

Shazam: Monster Society of Evil #4 - The subsequent three issues didn't quite live up to the hype nor the promise of that first issue, but still, Captain Marvel punching a robot so hard it causes a black hole to form? That's fun comics. Not the best thing since sliced bread, which I was hoping for, but still fun, and far superior to all that Trials of Shazam nonsense.

Brave and the Bold #5 - You could argue that Batman outwitted a team with thousand years' worth of powers and tech over him far too easily, but you'd be too busy to notice an incredibly fun story if you did. Batman with a flight ring, people! It's almost Haney-like in goofy brilliance.

Spirit 8 - Still just about perfect. That's about all I can say there.

Dark Horse Presents on MySpace - Digital comics lack that certain tactile something that printed ones have, but they're free, so I won't complain. Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon's Sugarshock, about a bizarre all-girl (and a robot) rock band, was the far and away winner for me, so good that I printed out a copy to keep. The others - another Umbrella Academy short by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, The Comic Con Murder Case by Rick Geary, and some samurai thing by Ron Marz and Luke Ross - were decent, too, but it's Sugarshock I'll be going back for. Here's the link.

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