And in the interest of fairness, The Meh List for 8/7/07.

Green Lantern Corps #14 - As I feared, it's almost completely unreadable if you're not following the entire Sinestro Corps story. And I'm not, because I don't want to support another crossover, nor buy the Hal Jordan GL book. Too bad, too, since I was really enjoying this title. But, alas, to the chopping block it goes.

Supergirl & the Legion of Super-Heroes #32 - The story Bedard is telling is certainly competent, but it's lacking that certain spark that the Waid run had. I think I have one more issue pre-ordered, and unless that completely blows me away, it, too, is being sent to the cornfield.

The Order #1 - Interesting concept - ordinary citizens get to be superheroes for one year - but it seems ever-so-slightly derivative of Strikeforce Morituri (which actually raises an interesting question... if the body can't support the powers for more than a year, do they just go away, or do they take the possessor with them?). And it's way too wrapped up in Civil War continuity for me to want to enjoy it on a regular basis. And, wait, the lead guy played Tony Stark and Iron Man on TV for years, even though in Marvel continuity, it's only been known that Stark really was Iron Man for a relatively short time? I'm confused. Still, I like the new role for Pepper Potts, and it wasn't a bad book, per se, so maybe I'll give it another shot in the trades.