TPS Rocks: Video to Go*

The Blake Babies covering "Temptation Eyes"

(Ooh, Juliana Hatfield in a bikini. Homina.)

And here's a really awesome Cartoon Network-created video using Soul Coughing's "Circles" and Hanna-Barbera's knack for endlessly looping their backgrounds:

(Sorry, no bikinis here.)

And while not strictly a music video, it's close enough to count. It's The Aquabats... in COLOR!

* Remember Nick Rocks: Video to Go, the Nickelodeon music video show that almost entirely consisted of Fat Boys videos and "That Was Then, This Is Now" by the Monkees? There was a point in time where I think I enjoyed it more than actual MTV, if only because you never saw Nu Shooz on MTV, but this show played the hell out of 'em. Anyway, yeah, I've co-opted the title. Nostalgia makes you do things like that.

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