Quick reactions to news outta Nerd Prom. (No links, just thoughts. Okay, two links.)

Well, looks like I'll be saving money by not having to buy The Spirit after issue 12, huh? If they're gonna want me to keep reading non-Eisner Spirit, they'll have to find someone really special to replace Darwyn Cooke.

Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi on Astonishing X-Men? Hrrrm... Ellis is hit and miss with me, and I've never really warmed up to Bianchi's artwork, but I read this in trade, anyway, so I'll have a while to make my decision.

Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos on Runaways sounds a little more interesting to me, but only if Moore lays off the poetry and fake song lyrics. And I'd be pretty psyched if one of the characters - I'm thinking Molly - acquires a fierce obsession with strawberry cake (Kixie always was my favorite Moore creation).

Okay, so while I'm pretty much done with event comics, Grant Morrison writing Final Crisis means that I'll at least take a peep at the eventual collection. He earned at least that much from me by making One Million way better than it probably should have been.

Sylar playing young Spock? Okay, that's pretty brilliant casting.

Doctor Who comics from IDW? And new stuff, not just overpriced and repackaged British reprints? Well, looks like I know where that Spirit money will be redirected, at least for a little bit. The artwork looks fun.

The teams for the soon-to-be thrice monthly Amazing Spider-Man were announced. Glad to see Dan Slott among the writers. Still won't pick it up, but still, good for Dan Slott.

Between the Alex Ross thing and Image's new "Next Issue Project" (or whatever it's called), it seems like obscure Golden Age heroes are the new flavor of the moment. And it all sounds cool. Time to break out the old Rovin Encyclopedia of Super Heroes and brush up.

And last, but certainly not least, I hope Bully finally manages to meet Jane Wiedlin. The bloggyverse's favorite little stuffed bull deserves it, and also, yeah, I'd like to live vicariously through him. Like a lot of other bloggers out there, apparently, I, too, crush madly on the excellent Ms. Wiedlin. Even after The Surreal Life and her Rock & Roll Jeopardy appearance, and that's sayin' something.


  1. Allegedly, Final Crisis will be it for these yearly crises for a while. I'm really interested in Morrison's take on the whole thing (not to mention any obscure characters he can squeeze in while no one's looking).

    Have you liked Countdown so far? I truly expected more from Paul Dini than what's become so much filler every week. Pretty pale in comparison to 52 in my not so humble opinion.

    Some seemingly random bon mots on your other items:

    I'm with you on dumping The Spirit after #12. Cooke's comments on the current state of comics were rather damning... and true.

    IDW's Doctor Who sounds fun though I do hope they resist the temptation for a Who/Trek crossover.

    I could listen to Jane Wiedlin read the phone book. I've been crushing on her since she went solo toward the end of the '80s.

    Good to have you back, Bill.

  2. That's the key phrase for DC and their Crises... the last "for a while." Their whiles are getting shorter and shorter these days.

    Haven't been reading Countdown. And I didn't read 52, either. Maybe I'll get the trades from the library someday, but just reading the synopses online was enough to satisfy what little curiosity I had.

    I'm hoping they can avoid a Who/Trek crossover, too, but I have to admit that curiosity would end up getting the better of me and I'd totally buy it.

    Jane Wiedlin's solo period helped a lot of young guys into puberty, I think. I mean, the video for "World on Fire" alone. Yowza.