Movin' and Groovin' (with a hint of time travel)

Well, just groovin', actually. Because I'm always groovin'. That should be obvious. But the movin' part is actually done. Mostly. There's still a few minor odds and ends I have to grab from the old place, but on the whole, the new Trusty Plinko Stick World Headquarters is up and running. Or as up and running as you can be with a bunch of boxes and a few bits of half-assembled Ikea furnishings strewn about, anyway. There's still a lot to be done, but it's undeniably awesome to be in our very own place at last.

Now if only we had hot water. See, our water is heated by natural gas. As is our stove. and our dryer. And while we thought this was the sort of thing we'd be taxed on as per our use, like water, it wasn't. Even though the gas company is owned by the electric company, who knew that not only were we moving in, but that we'd arranged to make sure that the electricity didn't get turned off and that there'd be no gap in service. So they shut us off. And informed us last Thursday that the earliest they could come was this Wednesday. But they couldn't confirm that. So we can't cook, shower, or dry anything. We have cable, though. The cable company not only made sure to give us a specific time, they actually showed up early. And by early, I mean on time. Which is early for cable, so, you know, good for them. So despite some minor setbacks, we're happy and comfortable. And we finally got to watch Doctor Who, which unlike most of the rest of the intermanet, it seems, we don't download immediately after it runs on the Beeb.

Short thoughts on the beginning of season 3? So far, so good. Erin and I actually found The Runaway Bride to be laugh out loud funny in a few spots, and we both really enjoyed Catherine Tate's character (again, unlike most of the rest of the intermanet, or at least the forum trolls, anyway), and I was happy to hear she's coming back all regular-like in season 4 (the TARDIS could use a cute redhead running around, I say, especially since the last one was - ugh - Mel, who was not so much cute as she was The Living Embodiment of Shrill.). Smith and Jones was a bit slow to start, but that was always the case for the introductory episodes for new Doctors in the past, so why shouldn't it be the same for the introductory episodes of the more Companion-focused new series? I don't find Martha Jones's family to be nearly as interesting as Jackie or Mickey, but Doctor-in-training Jones herself seems like a lot of fun. And Erin - who really began to loathe Rose over time - said she seems like she'll be interesting, too. And, I must admit, I'm crushing hugely on Freema Agyeman at the moment, so my initial opinions may be biased. Anyhow, I'm excited for the season to come... now if I can only force myself to forget the finale spoilers I've accidentally stumbled across these past few weeks.


  1. Freema doesn't become any less crush-worthy with time, trust me.

  2. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I liked Catherine Tate's Donna, as well. I really liked having a character who wasn't educated enough to be impressed with The Doctor, as well as one who was turned off by his power.