Hey, Kids! (I'm Killing) Comics!

I can feel the change happening.

My DCBS box came the other day. First thing I grabbed out to read? The Immortal Iron Fist: The Last Iron Fist story hardcover. The rest of the box remains unread. I'll get to it, but I'm much more excited about the Mouse Guard collection I picked up at the library today.

I look over the list of what I buy each month, and I see everything winding down, either out of authorial/editorial intent (All Star Superman is finite, Darwyn Cooke is leaving The Spirit after #12) or out of a lack of interest on my part (the Sinestro crossover is snuffing out my interest in Green Lantern Corps, I'm not enthused about the changing of the guard on LSH). And I spend more and more time each month seeing what I can cut out of my already tiny budget in order to buy some newly listed - or even backlisted - collection or original graphic novel.

I can feel it happening... I'm becoming a "wait for the trades" guy. And I'm digging it.

That's not to say I'm giving up completely on floppies. I'll still pick up back issues when opportunity and finances allow. And I'll still pick up the few titles I like that I don't think will get collected and/or need the support (indie books or low-selling favorites from the big 2, like All New Atom at the moment). But this time next year, I'll be very surprised if most of my comics reading isn't in the collected format.

So, yup, it looks like I, too, am killing comics. And proudly at that. I want what I want how I want it. And since most of this stuff reads better in chunks nowadays, anyway, I see no problem in jumping to that method of delivery.

Doot, doot, doot, and another one bites the dust.


  1. I think it was over at Newsarama (I only pop in from time to time because they're so damned juvenile) that I saw a small headline about the possibility of Jeff Smith taking over the reins of The Spirit. If that's the case, I would certainly give it a try.

  2. Yeah, that's the level of name that would definitely get me to check it out, but even still, I think I'd start waiting for the collections. But I'd wait for A.) confirmation that he was indeed taking over, and B.) seeing how good his first issue is, before committing myself one way or the other.

  3. Welcome to the other side of the tracks. In '99, my weekly comics budget just became too much (and a labour strike killed by income) and I had to stop cold turkey (cuz, y'know, the store would harass me about the comics I'd already ordered and I just couldn't afford them). Years later, I was so behind on monthlies that I just gave them up and caught up with trades where possible.

    It was easy in a sense, because I was raised on European "albums" (Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, and so on). When there are enough of us out there, maybe the comics companies will just stop peddling in the "rags" and come out with complete stories in hard or softcover directly.