The battle of the century decade moment.


It's inevitable that the world's two most evil little creatures will eventually clash, leaving nations in ruin and mountains of innocent corpses in their wake as they struggle to achieve their goals, the least of which is mere total omniversal conquest. But in the Ultimate Battle of Evil Versus... Um, More Evil, who could truly come away as the victor: Mr. Mind or The Evil Prairie Dog?

Let's weigh the pros and cons.

Mr. Mind - Pros:
The glasses and neck-radio look cool. He has literally thousands of minions at his disposal via the Monster Society of Evil. For that matter, his minions are called the flippin' Monster Society of Evil. That's just awesome. Adept at building giant killer robots despite the lack of opposable thumbs. Or arms. Even if you catch him, you can't send him to the electric chair, because it'll just put him to sleep for awhile. And he racked up a body count of 186,744 victims... all off-panel, because that's just how classy he is.

Poor vision, hence the glasses, and his small voice is hard to hear, hence the radio. And that lack of arms thing is huge drawback. Also, as a worm, he's highly squishable.

The Evil Prairie Dog - Pros: Well, he's got that awesome theme music, doesn't he?

Plus, he's infinitely customizable. Here's just one example:

There's an awesome David Caruso/CSI: Miami one out there worth checking out, too.

Plus, look at those eyes. He's evil incarnate.

Internet flavors of the week all end up on the dole before long, and it's just a matter of time before they're doing unspeakable things for drug money. I saw what "All Your Base" has been up to on some HBO Undercover documentary the other day, and it wasn't pretty.

So Mr. Mind has got the tools, the talent, and the experience, but you can never underestimate the power of a good music stinger, so the Evil Prairie Dog is easily a match. Whoever wins, we lose... just like Aliens Vs. Predator. But watchable.

And Dr. Doom has already called winner.

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