Banging my head against the wall: Marvel October Solicitations Edition

Marvel has some sneak previews of their October solicitations over at Newsarama, and I'd like to take issue with two things if I may (and it's my blog, after all, so I may).

First of all, the copy for Marvel Comics Presents #2 lists that the price is $3.99, despite earlier claims that only the first issue would be priced as such. Maybe it's a misprint, but if it's not, then they've just guaranteed I won't be buying that, not even at the lower DCBS price. There's no way in hell that a regular monthly comic book should cost 4 clams. It shouldn't cost more than $2 considering I'll read it in about 5 minutes, I say... this whole "oh but the paper is glossy" argument is just total bullshit. Go back to newsprint, and knock the damn prices down! Anyway, I cannot and will not support that. Which is too bad, because the Hellcat stuff actually sounds pretty interesting, and that cover is awesome.

Second, and more importantly, is this solicitation copy for New Avengers #35:

The Hood makes his play for the big time by gathering the most ruthless rogues gallery of evil the Marvel Universe has ever seen. What does a guy who wants to be the “Kingpin of all super-villains” do to make his point? You have to see it to believe it.
Guest-Starring Tigra. Poor Tigra. Poor, poor Tigra.

(Emphasis mine.)

Okay, look, if you want people to stop saying that your company is populated with misogynistic fratboy types who not only victimize female characters for so-called "shock value" and use it as a selling point, but then also make light of the fact that they're doing it... THEN STOP F---ING DOING IT, MARVEL!!! DC, too, for that matter! This isn't rocket science here! I know Quesada wants to be the new Stan Lee, but most days he comes closer to a Fox reality show producer or that Girls Gone Wild jackass.