Here, There, and Everywhere (or just a couple of places, anyway)

It's 8:30 on a Friday night, the kid's asleep, and the wife is at some A.C. Moore sale with her cousin. Time for some scattershot blogging!

I never said my life was exciting.

I watched that Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed special on History Channel this week, and while it was interesting to see a show that wasn't just another repackaging of the history of the series and its effects on popular culture, it struck me as being a little odd. All of the movies - even the bad ones - are chock full of archetypes and allegory and symbolism, sure, but it's still a little strange to watch a bunch of tweedy academic types (including Camile Paglia, which was surprising, weird, and a little bit cool) wax so very, very philosophical about something that began as a flannel-loving Californian's love letter to Flash Gordon serials. Not that it's not ripe for interpretation, mind you, but it's more the sort of thing I expect to see here on the internerd, not on a prime-time, two-hour cable special. Are we coming up, or are they coming down? I hope it's the former, but you can never be sure these days.

It's funny, though... immediately after college, I considered applying to Bowling Green University to get a Master's in popular culture, and everyone always asked me what the hell I'd ever do with such a degree. If only I'd had the foresight to say, "I could go on the History Channel."

I've been reading a lot of Legion of Super-Heroes comics lately, delving into bits of all three major versions of Legion continuity: the Baxter run for the original Legion, Legion Lost for the first reboot (I've managed to find the first 7 issues on the cheap recently), and of course the current Supergirl & the LSH title. And I know that the original Legion, or possibly a 4th version that's merely similar to the original, is running around in the JLA and JSA books right now, but I'm waiting for the trade on that. Because honestly? Three Legions is enough. More than enough, really.

I'm not having any trouble keeping track of which people, places, and things appear in which iteration, but it's still oddly jarring to switch back, forth, and sideways between the books. I think I'm beginning to reach the point where I'm going to have to finally choose one over the others and make it my Legion, at least for a little while. They all have their strengths, though. I'm enjoying the claustrophobic feel of Legion Lost, enough to make me want to give the Abnett & Lanning stories from both before and after this series a shot (though I've really never warmed to Olivier Coipel's artwork). I've followed the current series from the beginning and seem to be one of the few that really enjoys the whole youth movement/Wild in the Streets interpretation of the group. Though the change in creative team has me a little worried, but I'm willing to give 'em a shot. Their fill-in issue, #29, was decent, after all. And the Baxter run (and the stuff Paul Levitz wrote leading into it at the end of Volume 2) is the original team at its finest, combining all of the fun of the Silver Age and the more mature storytelling that took root in the 80s.

It's all good, really... and I suppose I don't really have to make a concrete decision on one at the expense of the others, but transitioning from one to another in rapid succession isn't something I recommend doing very often. It'll only make you dizzy.

Favorite new blog I've found? World of Awesome. You have to appreciate people willing to take the time to sing the praises of such diverse things as plain Chuck Taylors, the Pixies' album "Doolittle," toast, The Andy Griffith Show, and GoldenEye for the N64. Lots of fun stuff to be found there.

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