I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion, but...

So I'm not sure the world actually needs a Spice Girls reunion, but this picture makes me not oppose it so much:

Clearly Geri Halliwell realized that when she has a little more meat on her bones, is adequately covered up, and significantly less teased and made-up, she looks abso-freakin'-lutely amazing (sort of like how older Susanna Hoffs is even hotter than early Bangles-era Susanna Hoffs). Homina. Mrs. Beckham there could stand to learn the same lesson, though. Eat a damn cheeseburger, Posh!

(Full disclosure: I still think "Wannabe" is a great pop song. And their movie, Spice World, really could've been a lot worse. And the Emma Bunton solo album is a great listen, sort of like a lost Petula Clark or Dusty Springfield record. Aaaaaand I think I have officially said too much. How about that sports team, huh?)