I'll take potpourri for $200, Alex.

Well, we made it through yard sale day, and between the sale itself and some Craig's List-ing of larger furniture done in the day or two beforehand, we did pretty well and cleared out a lot of stuff we didn't want to bring with us, including our monstrous Wal-Mart armoire, , the damned Busy Ball Popper (the most annoying toy of Liam's childhood thus far), a bicycle I haven't used in about 8 years, more baby clothes than we'd ever need even if we had a dozen more kids, and several long boxes of discard comics, among other things. And everything we didn't sell was brought over to the Salvation Army... a good-sized load, but nothing that required Xtreme Tetris Skillzorz, yo (as the kids say, or not), to fit into the car. So everyone wins. Except for the guy outside of Sal's who eventually has to sort through all the bags of donations dropped off on a typical Satuday. I never envy him.

Of course, we still have entirely too much stuff to have to pack up still, but I'm thinking some of that will eventually be dropped off to darken the Sal's guy's day, too.

Liam and I were at the park the other day, and as I was pushing him on the swings, I heard one little girl over at the slide say to her friend, "We've got to defeat them using our science and karate skills!"

Considering that a few minutes before, she had informed the same friend that something was not going to happen "on [her] watch," I'm thinking they were re-enacting some sort of Power Rangers scenario or something, but it was pretty awesome all the same - back in my day, we were only using lightsabers or the occasional Batarang to beat our imaginary foes - and I couldn't help but think that if there was any sort of situation that I desperately wished I was capable of handling, it's something that would require both science and karate skills.*

Okay, see? This is why I don't trust amusement park rides (besides my intense fears of heights, speed, open-air conveyances, and fun**). Because as Erin, ever the mistress of comedic understatement, put it so well, "you kind of need your feet."

I had pretty much this exact thought more than once during our own house-hunting process.

*Of course, I actually did take karate for a little while in the 3rd grade, but it just wasn't for me. All that talk about honor and poise and practicing the katas... I just wanted to learn to kick people in the face. Hard. Is that so wrong? And I did used to be pretty good in science, actually, but then all that damn math started entering into it... bleh.

**Seriously, the "Superman: The Ride of Steel" coaster at Six Flags New England was maybe the worst 90 seconds of my life.

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