Five Dollar eBay Trade Paperbacks: Wave One

The Great eBay Purge continues, kicked up a notch because we're moving very soon now and really don't want to take everything with us. So here are some trades I put up a few days ago with a Buy It Now price of $5 each to make everything quick and easy:

Adventures of Little Archie Vol. 1

Private Beach: Fun and Perils in the Trudyverse

Jack Cole & Plastic Man: Forms Stretched to Their Limits by Art Spiegelman

Manhunter: The Complete Edition (the Goodwin & Simonson version)

And there will be more to come in the next day or two.

Meanwhile, we're selling a few other things regular-auction-style:

A Palm M105 PDA with serial port Hot Sync cradle

And two Harry Potter dolls my wife's grandmother had for some reason and gave to us to sell (here and here).

I really do foresee a time when these eBay postings won't be so frequent. Honest. It won't be soon, but it'll happen.

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