The Dig List: 6/17/07

You know the drill. If I liked it, I give it (theoretically) quick shout-out here.

Annihilation Book 1 - Got this from the library, and I must say, that's how you start a space epic. I figured I'd put off by the fact that this doesn't contain any of the mini-series proper, just all stuff that's technically prologue, but there's some damn fine prologuing they had going on in there. Of course, half the book focuses on Nova and Quasar, who always were two of my favorite Marvel second-stringers, so I'm sure that helped. Glad they included the Drax mini in here, too... it would've been confusing to have Drax show up with his new status quo and sidekick completely unexplained, and I doubt it would've been a completely satisfying read on its own. I want to return for the rest now, so mission accomplished there, Marvel. Now why did you push all that Civil War malarkey when you had something as good as this going on at the same time?

Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield - A memoir from Rolling Stone contributing editor/frequent VH1 talking head Sheffield, going through his mix tapes and showing how they reflect his life and times as music junkie and young widower. Think High Fidelity through a Chuck Klosterman filter - lots of song talk, but American, and your protagonist isn't a bastard. And, you know, it's real. Funny and sad in all the right places. If you're as big a fan of the likes of Klosterman and Sarah Vowell as I am, you'll find this right up your alley.

Action Comics #850 - A story about how Superman, in the end, just wants to be like everyone else could've been very whiny (like the dozens of episodes of Buffy that popped up in the last few seasons that dealt with a similar subject), but it was handled very well here. See? Kurt Busiek proves that the concept of "show, don't tell" works yet again, and the art by Renato Guedes was gorgeous. I just might just have to check out his work on Supergirl.

All New Atom #11 - Liked the ending of this storyline... Atom saves the girl, but it's made pretty clear that she was just stringing him along because she knew he could help her... the old "oh, I love you, I knew you could help, you're such a good friend" trick. Ouch. That one might sting almost as much as anything the vengeful spirit guy was doing. Looking forward to Mike Norton starting as the regular artist on #12 (which is already out, I know, but I'm a DCBS guy, so I'm perpetually behind... the price you pay for savings).

Incidentally, the more I read of this book, the more I'm convinced Gail Simone would write an awesome Spider-Man. Did she ever write any Spidey stories back in her Marvel days?

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