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I've been thinking a lot about music lately due to a project I'm thinking about, and decided I needed a new mix in my life, so here's the current iPod playlist, cleverly titled 6/9/07, because that's when I made it, you see.

  • Konichiwa by Shonen Knife - Gets things off to a fast and loud - but cute - start.
  • Sweet Lord in Heaven by Mike Doughty - You have to appreciate a song that can namecheck Sam Cooke and Ian Curtis in the same line.
  • Get in Line by Barenaked Ladies - Bouncy and paranoid shouldn't work together, but it does here.
  • Irish Blood, English Heart by Morrissey - Angry Moz is more fun than sad Moz.
  • Honest by The Long Winters - I'm a sucker for songs about girls with weird names.
  • Agamemnon by the Violent Femmes - The Femmes at their loudest and weirdest... New Times was a vastly underrated album.
  • Close to Me (Acoustic Version) by the Cure - I love acoustic Cure, plain and simple.
  • So I Fall Again by Phantom Planet - Back in the Jason Schwartzman days. Decent angst pop.
  • Sunday Girl by Blondie - Sixties girl group sound and Debbie Harry singing in French? I'm not made of stone here, people.
  • The Wedding Song (Short Fade Version) by Tales from the Birdbath - Nasally voiced lo-fi indie power pop isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy it.
  • Honestly by Zwan - The rest of the Zwan album was forgettable, but maintain that this song is the best thing Billy Corgan ever recorded, and I like Cherub Rock a whole lot.
  • Anyone Can Play Guitar (U.S. Remix) by Radiohead - Remember when Radiohead used to rock every now and then?
  • Saturday Night by Ned's Atomic Dustbin - It takes stones to cover the Bay City Rollers unironically.
  • One by Aimee Mann - Aimee Mann + Three Dog Night = Wonderful. Who knew?
  • Superfly by Curtis Mayfield - So we all agree that this might have the best bass line ever, right?
  • Hawaii Five-O by Fuu - Fuzzy yet faithful homage to the Ventures' original.
  • Popular Mechanics for Lovers by Beulah - Bouncy, melodic... yes, please. I'll take two.
  • Sweet Caroline by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - If you're a Sox fan who has been to Fenway in the last 10 years, you have a soft spot for this song. I don't have the original, though, so Me First will have to do.
  • I'm the Man Who Murdered Love by XTC - XTC are probably the only band to do Beatle-esque* almost as well as the Beatles, and I may be alone in this, but I think their later stuff is as good as their 80s output.
  • Electricity, Electricity by Goodness - A cover of an educational song should not be this sexually charged. But it works somehow.
  • Melt With You by Justin Stover - An old roommate's younger bro made this version, and it works really well... faithful to the original, but with a certain something unique.
  • The Ballad of John and Yoko by the Beatles - I always liked it when the Beatles went country.
  • Miss Misery by Elliott Smith - I first heard this when Smith performed it on the Oscar telecast, and it's been a favorite ever since.
  • The Rubberband Man by the Spinners - I love this song, plain and simple.
  • Blue (live) by Juliana Hatfield - I knew there was a reason I liked Juliana leaning alt-country, and this Jayhawks cover reminded me why.
  • The Heinrich Maneuver by Interpol - Don't know it very well, but hearing it the one time was enough to make me want to add it.
  • Hate it Here by Wilco - Ditto.
  • The Summer by Yo La Tengo - And again.
  • Secret Agent Man by the Dickies - The Dickies always have the most fun with covers.
  • The Bird That You Can't See by The Apples in Stereo - I love that the Apples idolize the Beach Boys and don't care who knows it.
  • (Don't Go Back to) Rockville by REM - This playlist is getting awfully twangy, huh? Must be a phase I'm going through.
  • Inside by Patti Rothberg - The single from Patti's first album, which should have been a much bigger hit.
  • Golden Years by David Bowie - Always makes me think of the Stephen King TV series of the same name. Probably not the best connection in the world, but there ya go.
  • American Jesus (live) by Bad Religion - I needed a little more anger in here somewhere.
  • Till My Head Falls Off (live) by They Might Be Giants - TMBG can really rock live... I don't think enough people appreciate that fact.
  • Burning Love by Elvis Presley - Younger, thinner Elvis was the real talent, but for my money, older, chubbier, Vegas Elvis was more entertaining. I love this song unapologetically and unironically.
  • Necessito by Some Girls - For a song about the need for loud music, it isn't really all that loud. Juliana, Freda, and Heidi... you confuse and delight at the same time.
  • Mothra song by The Cosmos - What? It's a good song. Really.
  • You Won't See Me by the Beatles - Everything on Rubber Soul is pretty terrific, so it needed to be represented here somewhere... this is where the mood took me this time.
You'll notice a few things here that are recurring themes in just about every mix or playlist I've ever made:

1. I really love a good cover song.
2. Juliana Hatfield in some form - solo, with a backing band (the JH3, Juliana's Pony), or as part of full-on group (Blake Babies, Some Girls, even the Lemonheads) - will always be represented at least once.
3. I generally like my music lo-fi and/or bouncy.
4. At least one track comes completely out of left field (Mothra).

*This reminds me... so many people strive for Beatle-esque. Does anybody ever try do Dave Clark Five-ish? Because there'd be nothing wrong with that, you know. Every Beatles needs a Dave Clark Five for balance.

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  1. I agree about your XTC comment. They have one of the most consistent bodies of work of any band. Ever!