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Pretty Sketchy: A Superman Two-Fer

I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion, but...

The (Short) Dig List: 6/26/07

Just horrified by this.

"But what do we do now, Doctor?"

Tag, I'm It - 8 True Things

I'll take potpourri for $200, Alex.

Yeah, it's lazy, I know.

Pretty Sketchy - Kitty Pryde and Lockheed by Jeff Chandler

And by the way...

The Dig List: 6/17/07

I mean, can you really put on price on silly happiness?

Note to My Childhood Icons: Stop Dying Already!

The best conversations always happen right before we go to sleep.

The current soundtrack

My latest contribution to humanity...

Ends and odds

Five Dollar eBay Trade Paperbacks: Wave One

The Dig List: 6/5/07

Pretty Sketchy: Caprice by Alex Robinson

A Banner Day

Here, There, and Everywhere (or just a couple of places, anyway)

I will survive in my Mach 5